Maricopa Agricultural Center

A 2,100-acre research farm within The College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

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Jeff Silvertooth
Associate Dean and Director, Extension & Economic Development Associate Director, Arizona Experiment Stations Director, Maricopa Agriculture Center and Yuma Agriculture Center
(520) 621-7145

As Associate Dean and Director, Extension and Economic Development, Jeffrey Silvertooth provides overall administrative leadership and personnel management to The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. The Director is also responsible for the development of an effective Extension education program and all related translational and applied research programs that are dedicated to extending knowledge resources to the people of the state. The Director sits on the Executive Council of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with other Associate Deans and the Dean to formulate decisions for the College.

As the Associate Director for the Arizona Experiment Station (AES), Dr. Silvertooth provides leadership and managerial oversight for the AES sites across Arizona that are external to Tucson and Pima County. These external sites include the Safford, Yuma, and Maricopa Agricultural Centers.